Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Vacation

Kirk and I went to my parents house in Washington for Christmas. We stayed there for a whole WEEK! It was very nice to be home with my family and we had a great time. I had to get my traditional cold of course, but luckily it was somewhat mild and I could still enjoy being lazy. My older sister Danielle and her family came, as well as my younger sister Kimberly (who lives in town) and hers. We played games everyday (Mexican Train and scum mostly), watched movies, went sledding, the boys did lots of shoveling, the girls put together a 'winter' craft, we played the Wii, made gingerbread houses, and ate ourselves silly... and sick... and fat. Anyhoo, it was MUY fun!

Here's all of us (but me) at the table for Christmas dinner.

Here is my niece, princess Baylee. She is so FREAKING adorable. I must have given her 22,000 kisses. She smiles like a superstar every time she's brought into a room filled with people. She laughs all the time and is SO good. You can just plop her down anywhere and she just entertains herself. It's amazing. Kimberly is one lucky mama. MMMM she's cute! I miss her.

My nephew Chase got a little drum set for Christmas. This is my dad breaking it in with some sweet soul rhythm. Actually we all were pretty impressed. He played drums in a 'rock' band in college so it was fun to see him play.  What's with the face you ask? No one knows really :)

Mom, Dad and Clark on Christmas morning in their BTHtwo hats that Kirk gave them. They're pretty cute I think!

My brother-in-law Jeff and my nephew Chase chillin' on Christmas morning

Clark was excited to open his presents!

Ok.. now THIS, this deserves its own post really.  This monstrosity of a gingerbread house was created by none other than my dear husband Kirk.  I don't even really have words for it... He was so proud of himself for using the almonds. The Nightmare Before Christmas called and said they wanted their house back...

Our girly craft time was fun. Danielle brought all the supplies to make cute blocks that spelled 'winter'. It was fun and turned out really cute. Thanks Danielle!

My parents got more snow then they had in over 10 years while we were there. It was so freezing though, every day was a high of like 8 degrees, no joke. The snow was so cold and powdery you couldn't do anything with it! But it was still beautiful.

Dang this baby's cute. Can you tell who was the center of attention?

Christmas was wonderful. It always is. We received so many wonderful gifts and got to spent time with our loved ones as we celebrated the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. It is my favorite time of year.


Karen Brothersen said...

That looks like you had a ton of fun! I loved Kirks gingerbread house. HE WOULD. ha ha
Kimberlys daughter is adorable!
I miss your family.
Merry Christmas!

Birgitta said...

I'm so glad you posted some pictures of your trip. It looked fun! Wish we could have joined you! Except if we were there, it would have been chaos. Birgitta and her 1000 kids.

Melanie said...

Oh, I love vacations to home. I laughed out loud at the gingerbread house - that is just so...Kirk. I loved it. And my boys thought it was, like, the coolest thing ever.

Kathy said...

I love your post, but you didn't mention the complication of SCUM! Don't I look thin in the bthtwo hat, I "thin" I will wear it all the time> It was good to have your here and if we had my fantasy house then whole family would fit, including Birg and her 1000 kids! We love all of our fam.

The Edwards Family said...

How FUN!!! I love Christmas time and it must have been so nice to be able to go home and spend it with your family.

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

what a fun Christmas! Pictures like that make me miss times when our families used to get together!

esperanza said...

What a fun Christmas! And your neice is so adorable!!! What is inside Kirk's gingerbread house to make the chimney so tall?and stable?

Duludes said...

Hey Heather looks like you had some fun at home thats always fun. I don't know if everything about your adoption process but I was on someone else's blog and thought of you. There are ten African American birth mothers that are due from this month until June and none have picked mothers yet. If you interested in contacting who ever go to this blog thewrightfampics.blogspot.com
She posted about it on Jan 4th. Anyway good luck!

Rr said...

heather I love you and miss you. I need to come back to Utah so we can have a sequel to the red iguana!!

lanita said...

Okay, so I didn't know you had a blog until today. Hellllloooo! Where have I been?

It was fun to see and read all about you and all your family at Christmas time. I must say, though, that reading about and being reminded of your fetish for grahams and milk as well as our Star Valley excursion made me miss you like crazy! Good times. I just can't believe you haven't had a real tree since then. Your tree this year was beautiful. :)

You've frequented my thoughts since we last spoke on the phone. I hope all is going well for you. I'm just thrilled that now I can keep better tabs on you instead of it being a one-way road! Love you!