Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Things About Us

My brother Jeremy and s-i-l Birgitta (the Birgness) recently did a post - 25 random things about them.. You can read that here. It was really fun and I actually learned a thing or two about them that I didn't know before. They basically 'soft' tagged anyone who was reading it to do the same on their blogs.

So here are 25 random things about Kirk and me. (and feel free to keep it going - on your blog!)

Heather's Random List:

1. I love a good Scottish bag pipe band. I especially love "Amazing Grace" on the bag pipes. It's so moving.

2. I HATE fish. shrimp, sushi, salmon, fish sticks, all of it. Yick.

3. When it comes to gold or silver, it's silver all the way.

4. I'm not a fan of watering plants. After a while I just think they should be able to water themselves. Incidentally it never works out that way.

5. If I never ate another kind of ice cream than Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip again I would be totally fine. I never get sick of it.. ever. LOVE love it.

6. My biggest pet peeve is when people leave a rag or sponge in the bottom of the sink in water. It totally grosses me out. And my tie for biggest pet peeve is when I'm the 5th or so car in line behind a left green arrow and the person in front just won't go.

7. One of my earliest memories is of riding in the station wagon with my mother, and I was standing up in the front seat bouncing around. She got pulled over by a policeman who politely explained to her all the reasons it was a bad idea for her 3-yr-old daughter to be standing up in the front seat while she was driving. I didn't get what the big deal was! She didn't even get a ticket.

8. My favorite hymn is "Come, Come ye Saints"

9. I am totally fascinated with patterns and textures. I could browse blog templates for hours, and I could walk into a scrapbook store and just look at all the paper.. then walk out. I wish I was talented enough to design stuff like that. It's fun having a husband who actually can.

10. My 'love language' is 'Words of Affirmation.' Sincere compliments and feedback rejuvinate me. I love (need) to feel appreciated. My husband is wonderful at expressing appreciation.

11. I get headaches like 5-6 times per week. I wonder what life would be like without a headache.

12. Tennis is my favorite sport to play. Basketball is my favorite sport to watch.

13. My favorite colors to wear are Pink and Blue (not together). My favorite colors to decorate with are red, brown, olive green and yellow. I love colors and finding great color combinations.

14. I have a talent for finding that perfect card for someone.

15. I believe that laughter really IS the best medicine.

16. I served a full-time mission for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) in the Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission. It was the coolest experience.

17. I can stress over the littlest decisions- what kind of treats to buy for the group, how many of this or that to get, what if this, what if that. It's exhausting.

18. I am a very loyal friend. Once we're friends we'll always be friends, and I'm there for you.

19. I am (like Birgitta) terrified of swimming in the ocean. I'm ok by the shore.. but you couldn't get me to jump in if we were really out there.. no way Jose.

20. I always sing in the car (except for when I'm at a stop sign).

21. I want to be a mother so bad it hurts. But I'm trying to have faith.

22. I love massages. I could get one every day for 3 hours. They make me truly happy and forget my problems.

23. I hate getting out of bed in the morning. I am a night owl and when the morning comes.. me want sleepy.

24. I'm addicted to chocolate. Make it mint chocolate and I'm in heaven.

25. We pronounce the word ridiculous - "riDUCKOlous. And our favorite adjective is "DELUXE"

Kirk's Random List (there's only 15. Let me put it this way.. I was lucky to get that! Thanks for playing Kirk) :

1. My left foot is bigger than my right.

2. I went to the Snoopy Room (resource) when I was in elementary school

3. Quality is always better than quantity

4. I like to eat apples and work on Apples

5. A short shower is 20 minutes

6. When I take my shoes off I sit down and do it Mr. Rogers' style

7. Rhyme is always better than reason

8. Walnuts are not meant to go in food

9. Florescent lights belong only in commercial buildings and not your home (That includes compact florescent bulbs)

10. Al Gore is a goofball

11. I've worn corrective lenses since the 8th grade

12. The font "Papyrus" should be blotted out of existence

13. God is in the details

14. My favorite ice cream is Eggnog, Pumpkin, and Mint Chocolate Chip

15. Moo-moos are under rated

(I decided to finish Kirk's list for him.. because I can think of 10 random things about him!)

16. Kirk is literally a motor mouth. Whenever he walks intently he makes a motor sound with his mouth. He doesn't even know he's doing it. When we walks faster.. he motors faster. When asked why he does this, his response is simply... "it doesn't go by itself!"

17. He can never remember the words to songs. But he still tries to sing them anyway. It's hilarious.

18. He is the king of nicknames. Sometimes there's a formula.. like if a name ends in 'a' he'll replace it with 'er'. So Brenda would become 'Brender' (Alainer, Noer, etc)

19. He is ridiculously handy around the house - from electrical to plumbing to finish-work to cleaning. It's super cool.

20. He hates tomatoes. And asian food.

21. He can name the make and model of ANY car. From across the lanes on the freeway even. He reads "Car and Driver" magazine religiously.

22. He loves him a big bowl of fruit loops. Cereal in general is his favorite thing to eat for breakfast. If something other than cereal is served.. he usually has to polish it off with a bowl of cereal because it just isn't breakfast without it.

23. The only things he will cook are pizza and omlets. And a fine omlet he makes.

24. His biggest pet peeve is sheets/bedding that aren't 'taut' (the exact definition of taut is : 1- having no give or slack : tightly drawn or 2- kept in proper order or condition). When he gets in bed he will fiddle with the sheets.. and ocassionaly have to get out and do this whole big routine and straighten/tighten things up. I was teasing him about it when we were first married and he said to me "Heather.. an organized bed is an organized home." I laughed so hard. I had some vinyl lettering made with that saying so we could hang it above our bed.

25. Whenever I announce to him that we will be attending a function, like a mission reunion or gathering of friends he doesn't know, or attending a reception or something... he gets this confused look on his face and says "I don't understand". He then begins a series of the most obvious questions, trying to get to the bottom of why such an event could have ever been planned (questions like "so.. you're whole mission is just getting together?? is this like a ... So, you just feel like you really have to go?" so on and so forth) as though if he can solve this mystery, it will somehow go away. Sorry sweetheart.. you have to come with me.

And there you have it.


Birgitta said...

You like the bag pipes? I didn't know!

I'm sorry you have headaches often...that sucks. I only get them once in a while and I can't take it.

Don't forget you have a talent for making beautiful cards too!!

I laughed out loud when I pictured Kirk in the Snoopy room!! :)

I loved reading your lists! It's fun to know random things about people!

Kathy said...

I didn't know about the bag pipes, but it totally makes sense. You were funnier than funny on you ten things about Kirk. Trying to explain why an event has to take place. I love "an organized bed is an organized home. Cut list

Danielle said...

Those were great! Some things I knew, some things I learned! You two are funny, funny birds! I and mean the good kind!

Jeremy said...

Yah Heath, excellent lists. I am with ya on your #6b.

Kirk needs some of Mom's walnut waffles, its reduckolous if he hasn't tried them them. They are deluxe.

And your 10 extra of Kirk's was Aws! I was LOL on #16

Birgitta said...

Heather, I laughed so hard at the 10 things you wrote about Kirk. I really do like him! He makes me laugh.

#25 I can just picture his look and hear all his questions.

and #16...SO FUNNY! LOL

Love all the nicknames for everyone. He is very endearing!

GREAT LISTS Heather...thanks for playing.

Sarah Rowley said...

Thanks, Heather! So I don't know Kirk but from this list I am pretty sure I would like him.
And you two sound like you are perfect for eachother!

The Edwards Family said...

I love the 25 random things about you guys, we have a lot in common. Sorry Heather you did miss the shower, my last post was about the previous weekend. I wish I was on top of posting but I'll admit I probably never will be:)

Aaron & Christine Lee Family said...

That was so fun to read!

lanita said...

I loved getting to know Kirk better. You guys are just perfect for each other!

Jeremy said...

And also.... If Papyrus is to be blotted out, what in the sam hill will I do my Sundee prog'rm in? It's so "churchy."