Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jack's Hair Cut

Here is the video of Dad giving Jack his first hair cut :) (I talked about it in my post below) Jack took it pretty well and was pretty darn adorable during the whole thing, despite the major injustice that was being inflicted upon him. We love our little Jack so much. What a cutie.


Kristi said...

Brave Daddy! Jack will probably thank you for sparing him the monk/balding man look. There is a lady in our ward who does this to all of her babies. She says it makes their hair grow in thicker. They do have really nice hair, but they are Samoan and their hair would probably grow in thick regardless.

Hair or no hair, Jack is a cutie!

Birgitta said...

Jack didn't even seem to mind it! I love how happy Kirk looks!

Kathy said...

They both look like they are enjoying that!