Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Little Life... It's good!

I did a card workshop at my house yesterday.. which means that getting ready for that is ALL I've had time to do this week. Now that that's over I finally have time for a little update!

I feel like I've had my head buried in the sand for the past few weeks. Like my days are quiet.. but so busy at the same time! I think I am going to be able to get so much done.. then the day's over and I can't really figure out what I did! I do know that what I have done, however, is take care of our little sweetie. It's amazing how much time we spend bonding every day :) It's been so amazing. It's an adjustment to have someone relying on me so much, but It's so wonderful to be a mom. One of these days I'll figure out how to be a mom AND get stuff done :) and then our baby girl will come and you'll all kiss us goodbye!! We will then become zombies I'm sure.

Anyhoo.. enough babble. OK, our days are pretty much the same. We get a slow start in the morning because I'm not quite ready to be up and Jack is wide awake after his morning bottle, around 7:30 or 8 a.m. So I hold him and uncomfortably doze until I can't take it anymore and finally get up. Then maybe if I'm really feeling ambitious I'll take a shower. Then it's usually about time to feed Jack again.. then maybe he'll take a nap and I'll try to clean something.. ur something... and then it's time to eat again. Lately Jack has been super fussy. He has lots of gas that makes him very uncomfortable so every 10 to 15 minutes or so, if I'm not holding him already, I have to stop what I'm doing and try to sooth him. I'm trying to let him sooth himself a little.. but if he gets too worked up I can't take it so I step in and give my baby some love. Then at some point I try to think about making dinner. Haven't quite conquered the motivation on that. But somehow I've gotten by. Then Kirk comes home and he helps me a little with Jack before he heads downstairs to keep working on the downstairs. And that's pretty much what I do every day! Maybe once or twice a week we venture out to run an errand or something. And that pretty much wipes me out for the next day. I'm starting to feel pregnant now and my hands and feet are so swollen and killing me! Carrying Jack in his carrier really takes it out of me! But anyhoo.. that's my life! Exciting I know. I think I'm starting to lose my personality :) Help me get it back some day will you?

I can't tell you how much I love this little boy!!! He's so incredibly special. I smother him with kisses all day and I just love love love him. How cute is that smile! He's doing really good. He's still eating pretty consistently every 3 hours. He eats about 4 ounces. He's over 10 pounds now! He's already changed so much. He hasn't been too interested in toys yet. He's just barely starting to notice the toys on his bounces and I keep trying to show him black and white pictures, which he's sort of starting to hone into. He really loves to hold my hand and look into my face. He loves to be talked to and he's starting to talk a little more too! He has the cutest little coo. Of course he stops talking as soon as I put the camera in his face.

We had a little photo shoot one day. The lighting wasn't super but he is soooo cute in this little outfit! He's so beautiful I can't get over it.

This is him in a little outfit that Mariel gave him.. on the quilt that she and her mother made for him. We LOVE it! It is a beautiful quilt and the colors and patterns are so adorable.

This is the morning bad habit I was talking about earlier.. Mom's not quite ready to get up and play in the morning. You can thank Kirk for this lovely photo. I'm a beauty!

OK moms out there don't read this part! Jack was born with a little old man hair-do.. we called it his Mr. Burns hair cut. One night Kirk was like "I'M DOING IT!" I was like "doing what?" and he says "I'm cutting the hair.. I can't take it anymore!" OH.. poor little buddy. Actually it's funny because whenever Kirk sees a baby with bad hair he's always said "if our babies have bad hair I'm just going to cut it!" and I've always been like.. Kirk, they're babies! anyhoo.. so little Jack's already had his first hair cut. I saved a few shavings :) He took it like a champ. I have an awesome video of it maybe I'll post sometime.

And this post is long enough! We're doing great. I feel a little isolated from life sometimes, which sucks my motivation to even do things like blog.. which seems weird but that's just how it is. I think that's normal for a new mom of a winter baby who's been told to stay indoors???? maybe?? Someday we'll be out and about and productive again. Hopefully. I'm exhausted.. but happy :)


Scully said...

First, he is so adorable - it is amazing how quickly they change. Secondly, I love the fact that Kirk cut his hair! And you look amazingly lovely in the sleeping picture - your hair is laying nicely and there is no puddle of drool, which is the opposite of how I wake up. I really, really wish I could come down sooner!

Melanie said...

Loved the update. That little Jack is a sweetie and I can't believe you are doing this whole newborn thing being pregnant. I'm amazed at all you DO get accomplished. Remember, you may not feel motivated to blog, but I feel very motivated to check blogs, so keep updating!

Danielle said...

Hey, on my mission, many women shaved off their kids hair. If they didn't like the quaff that their bambino's were sporting...they shaved it off, and crossed their fingers for a better go the second time around. So, right on. Maybe you stimulated the little folicles residing in little Jack's noggin. On can always hope, right?

Kristi said...

Ohh, he's such a sweet little babe. Back before I had kids I remember my sister being uncertain which day of the week it was. I couldn't understand how someone could NOT know what day it was! Now, I'm the same way! You and Jack make a darling mom/baby team! I'm so glad you get to stay home and enjoy it all. Adorable baby!!!

panini said...

Loving the haircut!! Loving the pictures -- so so cute!! I can'te believe how much he's changed already!! I especially love the one of you sleeping. You poor thing. I mean it's fabulous, but wouldn't it be awesome if newborns didn't equal exhaustion?! Cami

Birgitta said...

Cute smiles! That baby is just round and eatable! When I come to make cards - I will hold him and you make them for me! :)

Love the update - you will have to come venture out to see us this week when Erik is here. My house is pretty much in order, except for the bare walls.

WalkConkies said...

So cute, Heather!!! I wish Kirk had been around when Drew was a baby - because I look back at his mudflap hair cut and can't believe someone didn't urge me to have his hair cut! I can't believe how much that little guy is growing. And, you look like sleeping beauty - I really think you must have been posing for that picture you look so good! :) So sorry we missed your card worshop this go around!!! I bet we missed out on some adorable cards!

Kathy said...

So welcome to the club. Who knows who they are now? We do get lost in these little ones. (Hey I seem to get lost with all the male stuff going on around here, I am definatly outnumbered.) Those pictures of Jack are sooooo cute. You are a cute pregnant mama!