Friday, October 15, 2010

In a Nutshell... again with the nutshell!

Well there's just no way I can catch up on all the stuff I've missed in the last several months. I haven't even checked blogs for so long. I am so out of the loop! So much has happened, and I will try to be brief.. hehehehe.

What's been going on at our house, besides obviously being swamped with our two beautiful babies (these pics are from my phone so they're aren't the best quality):

Jack was in the hospital in July with wheezing. He only had a cold but his wheezing got so bad (plus he was throwing up a lot and couldn't keep enough down) that he had to be admitted.. it is too early to tell but he might have Asthma, poor baby. He was such a good boy at the hospital and all the nurses fell in love with him.. who wouldn't?? He was so happy the whole time he was sick, well besides the fact that he slept NEVER, that's why I didn't realize how sick he was. Poor Jack hated the IV and the oxygen, his first night was pretty rough. But we got him better and then he got another cold later and the wheezing started again. No hospital this time thankfully. He is now on a daily inhaled steroid to help keep his breathing under control and so far seems to be working ok. He has good days and bad but it helps to know what to do now as we are getting more familiar with the symptoms.

We had Jack sealed to us on July 31st! It was such an amazing and special day. He was so happy when he was brought into the sealing room and saw the room full of some of his biggest fans. We are so blessed to have him and we love him so so sooooo much!! He is truly the most special little baby boy. It was so neat to be in the sealing room and have Anna there with us and to be supported by so many friends and loved ones. We will never forget it! Anna and Jack were both blessed the following day. Kirk gave them beautiful blessings. Jack's birth mom and grandparents were there to participate with us all weekend as well which was really great. We can't believe we've come this far and that we have TWO BABIES. Whew!

This is a pic of Anna the other day. She has grown and changed so much. She is a really funny girl. She is very particular about things. She's one of those babies that has to be held standing up, rocking, and she does NOT like people in her face! She is really really cute. Her little personality is really starting to blossom and it has been so fun! She is catching up with brother in a lot of ways and they are really noticing each other. She is rolling over and is totally obsessed with her hands. She thinks they are the coolest thing she's ever seen and she can't take her eyes off of them..... they just do so many awesome tricks! She talks a lot and she outbursts every now and then with like a giant loud sigh/yell.. it's so funny. She is smiling a lot and I have to say she loves her mommy :) I have gotten her laughing a few times and it is the cutest thing ever. She cries when she is tired and until last night the bottle is her binkey. She likey. last night for some magical reason she took a binkey at bedtime! I couldn't believe it. She sucked on in for about 30 minutes then when it fell out she cried but hey.. that's a miracle folks! Maybe there's hope for us afterall :)

This is a picture of Jack taken today. Is he the handsomest or what? He is sitting up obviously and getting pretty darn good at it. He was trying so hard to pull that sock off it was hilarious. Everything still goes in his mouth. He is a very happy boy still. He is teething now which doesn't make him very happy though. He already has his bottom two teeth and he's working on his top two. He isn't loving it so much but he's still so sweet about it. He is army crawling and he can really move! He talks a ton and sings (I think it's singing). He can feed himself finger foods. He gets so excited to see his dad when he comes home. He also loves to see people he recognizes like his grandparents and family members. He is still my snuggly boy. He also loves his mommy :) What can I say, I'm the best!

This picture of Anna was about 6 weeks ago.. SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

Just a hilarious picture of my boy. He cracks me up. He weighs 24.7 pounds.. yah, he's a bruiser!

This picture is sideways but this was them the other day.. all piled up on each other. I'm the referee. I have a feeling that will be my role for many more years to come :) The routine at our house is pretty non-stop. Up at 7-7:30; bottles, breakfast, diapers, clothes, play with mom; naps at 9-9:30; those don't last too long unfortunately.. then it's playtime again, bottles, diapers, lunch with solids, go for a walk maybe; 1 p.m naps; one of them will inevitably not sleep long so I'll play with that one and get them down again just in time for the other to wake up.. then we just hang on til dad gets home and it's bedtime at 7! oh wait we're not done.. it's up to feed Anna whenever she wakes up, and since she's up she might as well be wide awake for 2 hours... and comforting Jack several times a night because his teeth hurt and he cries a lot in his sleep and happens to be in our bedroom. Do I sound like I'm complaining? I'm totally not :)

I stink at nutshells. This was a lot longer than I had planned. I sure miss everyone. I am consumed--I love my babies--but I am consumed by them! It takes all the mental, physical and emotional energy I have to make it through my day, day after day. I still have lots of help though from my awesome family. I couldn't do it without them. It is getting easier but it is still a ton of work. We are happy even though we are exhausted. Jack and Anna are both so sweet and special. We love them so much!!!

I will try to write again soon.. Our downstairs is almost finished!!! we have carpet on the way people! I need to post about that, and also the whole month I spent at my parent's house in WA.. :)


Audrey said...

I'm so excited to see that you found the time to post again. I can't believe how hectic your life must be. Imagine when they both go to school at the same time how much that's going to change your life all over again.
They are both so beautiful and I'm so thrilled they have been sealed to you guys for eternity. That's so special.
The downstairs is almost finished???? How have you guys found the time? You are amazing!
If you need to get out for a vacation, Arizona is beautiful this time of year.

Kimberly said...

That's quite a brief post for all that happened in the last 4 months!! They're SOOOOOO cute. Baylee went ballistic when she saw their pictures. She misses them so much!

Kathy said...

Oooooooh so sweet. We are so glad that we got to know them! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jenni said...

Yeah an update!!! So glad you finally found a spare minute! Your kids are so cute and growing so fast. Congrats of getting Jack sealed to you. You are one amazing mom. Post again when you can. It is fun to see what you are up to.

Panini said...

Love LOVE love the update!!! They're so cute! Just think...sleeping through the night has to be right around the corner.

Karen Brothersen said...

Love that post, love those babies, and love you Heather!

Kristi said...

Nice to see you again! Your babies are both so cute! Anna is a pretty baby. They are both growing fast! I really like your family picture. I love the picture of Jack with his tongue sticking out. I'd love to squeeze him!

esperanza said...

Beautiful family - you are blessed.

Missy said...

You both are such troopers! Those sweet shining faces of your adorable children shows all the hard work and time being put in! Love the update.

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

So so cute!! It is so great to get caught up with your cute family!!

Birgitta said...

Love those two babies! I REALLY missed all of you when you were in Moses Lake. I look forward to spending a few days with Anna!

Miken Harding said...

Oh Heather-WOW. Your temple picture just made me squeal! Congrats. That's so awesome. I hope you know how lukcy you are and even more important how lucky your kiddos and hubby are to have you! You rock. Good luck with everything. Can't wait to see you someday-we might be moving to Provo next fall for Phil's masters. I'll let you know!

Rick & Liz said...

i first found your blog on the r house and ok so it is crazy how similar our stories are. We adopted our baby boy that was born in february and i believe our sweet girls have the same birthday. I've had an email in my drafts for the past oh 4 months that i've been meaning to send you but i haven't been able to pay much attention to that lately as you know better than anyone else lol. I would love
to chat with you though. It was funny to read your schedule as it is so familiar to me : ) I will send you an email soon.

Liz : )