Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little of this and that

Like big brother, like little sister! Troublemakers!
(but so darling)

Were you Jimmered? We sure were. We had some friends over for dinner the other day and they confessed that they were NOT. We were stunned. Come on guys! It was a fun year for BYU Basketball. Kirk went with my dad and brothers to Vegas to the MW conference and had a blast. So glad he got to go. It was a well needed and deserved break.

Grandma Perrins stayed with me while Kirk was in Vegas for 4 days. We loved every minute. I love this picture of her and Anna. Anna is so beautiful and so is my mom!

Oh Jack.. must you eat everything? He's thinking at least there's an upside to being locked out of this cabinet. Tasty rubber band!

Anna and Dad in front of her awesome billboard. It's all blownout in this pic but we were lucky to get it, it only came around every 10 minutes. So fun!

Jack LOVES Kiki. She loves to hate him. He loves to snuggle with her and she puts up with it for as long as she can stand, bless her heart. He is so sweet and loving.

OK.. That's it! :)


Kimberly said...

ADORABLE!! I must confess, I was not Jimmered. I watched the end of one game and he didn't make a shot! I tried to get the fever, but I rarely have an opportunity to watch, and the one time I did, he had a slight injury and was off his game. BUMMER. But I believe all people when they say he was amazing!

Birgitta said...

I'm impressed...two posts in April! Love all the pics! :0) Cute babies!

Kristi said...

Oh the cuteness going on at your house- I love it!
Can't wait to meet the babes this summer.

Kathy said...

See, I told you that things would get easier! Those babies are so cute! They are personality packed, they fit right into this family with our other amazing grandchildren!

Audrey said...

We were in Vegas too!!! That was so much fun. How could your friends not like Jimmer? EVERYONE likes Jimmer! Maybe they went to the U at some point? Are they full tithe payers? I mean, something is going on...

RR said...

it's so good to see pictures of the babes!

How are they doing? Are you surviving? Getting any good sleep?

Jill & Seth said...

They are the cutest. They are at a really fun age!!! Enjoy