Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Little Confession

We have a cat! We can't believe we have a cat, US! But it's true. Her name is Kiki and we are pretty attached to her.. especially Kirk, he's the worst! :) We've had her since maybe late August. We just haven't admitted it much to people :) Not that there's anything wrong with having a cat...

The funniest thing about this is that one of the few basic principles Kirk upon and I have always agreed is.... "NO PETS. Period" It's a very simple rule and we have always been so glad that we both agree on this. So imagine our surprise when it didn't even take a sweet, precious, adorable child of ours begging and begging for a pet for us to get this cat. We just shake our heads at ourselves. And laugh. And love the kitty. Suckers!

So how we got the kitty sort of softens the act.. Kirk's brother Kyle lives on our property with us. He lives above the garage. He has two cats already. Kirk and Kyle's sister also has a cat, who used to basically always be pregnant until they just got her spayed. So she had this litter of kittens and Kyle volunteered to take one. Well he got her home and the two cats he already had (yes.. we teased him plenty for already having two cats and taking in a third) didn't like her so much. So she was over at our house a lot. Kirk would actually stop and get her and bring her over on his way in the house after work, because she was just a tiny kitten and she was so cute. But we were always happy to send her home. But really the other cats just didn't treat her very nice, probably because she was so young and playful and they are little hoity toits. So we just decided to take her in. She has Kirk totally TOTALLY wrapped around her little paw. I love her too but am a little more strict with her.

She has a cute little personality. She loves to get into mischief and basically walk on every surface BUT the floor (counter tops in the kitchen, bathrooms, tables etc.) She also won't touch her water bowl, I guess it's just not exciting enough for her. She would rather drink out of the toilet or shower head or lick water off the floor or whatever. And her favorite toys are my hair things. She'll get one and play with it forever. She loves to wedge them under things like doors or stool legs and then try to get them out again. One day I was in the bathroom and I could here Kiki pushing on the door, then all of a sudden this hair thing came flying under the door.. Maybe you had to be there but it was kind of funny :) We just got her spayed and she is very cuddly these days, which I like quite a bit more than when she's so hyper. It's been an interesting transition bring Jack home. She does pretty good with him though. Better than I thought. So that's a relief.

Kirk loves to play with her. We had a lot of fun playing with these peanuts and the vent :) I think she was on sensory overload though :)

She's a pretty cute kitty!


Birgitta said...

You two make me laugh. Celeste has been wanting to come over to see Kiki. This surprises me because she always has one eye on Kiki. Very scary, you know1

WalkConkies said...

Ha ha. Well, she is a pretty cute kitty! I think that is one thing I get scared of when it comes to having a pet - getting so attached!!! It was so good to see you and hold your precious little Jack. He is absolutely adorable! Congrats again!!!

Kathy said...

I can't believe YOU a kitty. I can't believe that I have a kitty.

esperanza said...

She is cute! Does she like the baby?