Friday, February 5, 2010

It's ALL About the Weeks These Days!

I am realizing that I really have so much to post about! Some days it feels like I don't do anything but hang out here at home with Jack in my PJ's.. but looking back over the weeks a lot has happened! My goal is to do a post a day until I'm caught up. We'll see how that goes.

So as the title says.. it really is all about the weeks these days. I have all these numbers of weeks floating around in my head to reference how old Jack is.. how far along I am.. how long this and that. And although I am a bit behind.. I wanted to show some progress on our weeks :)

This is me at 20 weeks.

This is me at 24 weeks
(I am now 26 1/2 weeks along though, and I swear growing by the minute!)

This is my darling, beautiful, handsome, baby after his first bath at 3 weeks (I can explain why he didn't have a bath for that long.. first the cord and then the little man procedure.. I know it sounds so bad that we didn't give him a bath for three weeks but hey, he's all clean now :)

Another 3 week photo. Actually 3 weeks exactly, almost to the minute :) This was taken at a photo shoot we did with Mariel. Another post for another day, soon!

This is Jack at 5 weeks. He is 5 1/2 weeks now! It's going fast and he's growing so much! We got on the scale yesterday and he weighed 9 pounds! For starting out under 5 I'd say that's pretty great. He's changed so much, but getting cuter and cuter all the time if that's even possible. He's healthy and still so content and sweet. I am so in love with him. He is asleep on my chest right now as I'm typing this. I love these moments. It is pure joy to be his mother.

This is little "Boo" at 16 weeks. When I went home for Thanksgiving, one of my best friends from growing up, Marci, who is an ultrasound technician, seriously spent 2 hours with me on the ultrasound machine over two days. It was so cool! We got lots of video and baby girl is such a cute little skeleton :)

This is my favorite ultrasound picture of her. She was upside down and with her little leggies she was seriously bouncing up and down, extending her legs all the way, then back down to bounce. It was the cutest thing! And we call her Boo because she was playing peek-a-boo during the ultrasound.

Life is good and the weeks are going by fast!!


Scott & Tami said...

How exciting?!!!!! Heather, I'm ecstatic for you guys. Jake is adorable and I can't wait to see your little girl. So FUN!!! Love you!

Mariel Hansen said...

You are so cute :) you are seriously one cute pregnant lady!! And im sure that Jack loves sleeping while youre holding him :) what a good mom!

Jill & Seth said...

You are great parents and fun to watch. You have 2 of the cutest little babies around.

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

So precious. He is so cute!! What a handsome boy. Can't wait to see how beautiful your daughter will be.

Birgitta said...

He's adorable that is for sure. I just want to hold him so tight when I get my mitts on him!

You of course are adorable with a pregnant belly - I can't wait to meet little baby sweetie cutie pututie!

Kathy said...

So I just love that little "boo" did that cute little jumping thing with her legs. Little Jack is adorable! What a blessing to be a mom! (My word verification is "rosess" So, Roses to you!)

Karen Brothersen said...

Kaylee wanted to type a message to you. You can just delete it if you want... But she INSISTED!She LOVES your little family!

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Kimberly said...

My Goodness! He's so beautiful. You look great! I'm glad time is going by fast for you, mine took FOREVER. I bet you're so excited!