Monday, April 26, 2010

In A Nutshell

Jack is almost (in three days) 4 months old!! I can't believe it. I have had a few requests to update my blog and I'm sorry that I haven't been better about doing it! There has been lots going on at times.. and also at times nothing going on because I'm so exhausted! I am now 38 weeks along in my pregnancy and I just went to the doctor today and things are progressing nicely. We are getting excited to meet little sister. I have been pretty scared about the whole labor thing.. but have finally reached the point that everyone talks about where you are so uncomfortable you just want her out! :) Plus we have been getting ready for her and that has gotten me pretty excited to meet her.

So I'm going to try not to make this post too long. Like I said there has been a lot going on. Jack has not been a very good napper during the day so I haven't had much time to do anything, including blog :) In my rare spare moments I have been frantically trying to paint things for the kid's room and help Kirk with getting ready and finishing the downstairs in any way I can. My house is a disaster :) It is amazing how busy you are with a newborn! I am way busier than I ever realized or thought I would be. And my feet are SO swollen, so I try to stop and put them up from time to time while I'm holding the little buddy.

Jack has grown SOOOOO much!! He and we get teased quite a lot and everyone wants to know what we're feeding the kid. No we're not feeding him meat! But the doctor did tell us at his two month appointment to try some rice cereal in his formula to help him sleep better because at the time he was not sleeping well. Needless to say he's put on a few pounds since then!! He's so adorably squishy and we just love our rolly polly little chubbers. We continue to be completely in love with him and just are so lucky to have him!! We think he loves his mom and dad too :) His little personality is coming to life, it is so fun. He is a happy boy.

So as a quick reminder, this is the little guy we brought home :

And here's our little chubbers 3 1/2 months later!! I LOVE this picture. Kirk took it yesterday.
He was a little sleepy :)

Oh he's just cute!
So here is the nutshell part. In the past couple of months here are the major things we've been up to:
  • working on the downstairs (putting up trim, painting walls, painting the tree and little creatures for the kids room, tiling, etc.
  • raising the most precious baby Jack ever. He is doing some fun things like really focusing on people's faces, smiling and talking lots, grabbing at things like his toys, learning to hold his head steady when upright, learning how to take naps without having to be held by mom, sleeping through the night (yay!!!!! until 7 a.m.!!!) and lots of other things. We're still working on tummy time.. so far it's still a head-butt the floor session- gravity just gets the most of those cheeks!
  • A visit from my brother Erik who lives in Kansas, along with his son Ethan. We don't get to see them often so that was a treat!
  • a week long trip to my sister Danielle's house to make a craft-load of wooden crafts! So fun and so nice to be in her home and have Jack around her and her family. Kirk was working in SLC all week so it worked out perfectly!
  • a visit from grandma and grandpa Perrins for the first time to meet Jack in person. My sister Kimberly and her 21 month old daughter Baylee, and also my brother Clark joined the party. It was soooo fun.
  • A trip to St. George to stay with Kirk's aunt. We went to Zion National Park (both mine and Jack's first time going). It was beautiful. And fun. and Jack did so awesome on the trip.
  • Our traditional Sunday dinner visits to Kirk's Mom's house to see all the cousins.
  • Our ward just split so we have new callings and lots of new people to meet
  • My sister-in-law Birgitta just graduated from BYU so we got another visit from Gma and Gpa Perrins and had fun celebrating with Birgitta and her family too.
So that's pretty good! It seems like I've been moving in slow motion for so long.. it's nice to look back and see that I've actually accomplished a few things :)

We are doing great and hope you all are too! I haven't been awesome at blogging and even worse if that's possible at Facebooking :) So I'm sorry to have gotten so far behind in keeping up with all you my dear friends. Someday we'll be back in business.. it could be a while. ugh.. I mean.. yay!! We are so blessed to have our little instant family! thank you to so many of you (you know who you are) for all you have given to us and done for us. We are so blessed with amazing family and friends.

AND again I have failed to not make this a long post. dag!


Birgitta said...

I L - O - V - E that picture of you and Jack on the porch! You both are so adorable!

oh and the little creatures are painted so cute! Great job on that one!

Danielle said...

I totally concur with the Birgness! That picture is soooooo fabulous! And seriously, where did that peanut go?! I can't even remember him that tiny anymore!

Thanks for the pictures, Hobber. It has been cruel for you to keep them from us so long!

Scully said...

So cute! Also, he has tripled in size and it is awesome. I have a couple of gifts to send you for your babies but they aren't done yet and school is kicking my trash, but you will have them before your babies outgrow them, this I promise! Glad you occasionally get to put your feet up!

panini said...

Are you sure that's the same baby!?! Holy Mother! ;D What a cutie!! I LOVE that pic of you holding him yesterday!! And the last one in your slideshow where he's grinning. So darling!!

Maria said...

What a cute lil' chubbers! I'm so glad you guys are doing well. I always think about stopping by to visit but just haven't made it up the hill. Let me know if there's anything we can do for you :)

Kristi said...

Oh thank you Heather for this great post! I have just had to look at it over and over! Look at that cute, cute Jack! I really would not have recognized him! I LOVE his chubby cheeks! Nummy, nummy! He is one awesome little baby! I wish we could get the little chubs together. You look amazing Heather! We are anxiously awaiting your next arrival! Lots of love to you all!

ashleyboice said...

Oh I too love the picture of you and Jack on the look beautiful. He looks awesome...and yay for sleeping through the night.

luke & misty meldrum family said...

So good to hear your update!!! Jack is so adorable! Glad your parents made it down there too! Can't wait to see your little girl! Your house is beautiful, I would love to come and see it sometime! Kirk is awesome at what he does. Take care!!! Mist

Audrey said...

He looks like he's going to be a big guy! He's absolutely adorable and so is all of the stuff for your nursery.

WalkConkies said...

Oh, he is SO adorable! I love the chubs! And, you look way too cute to be 38 weeks pregnant! Tell that sweet baby girl to hang in there one more week!!! Can't wait to see you!

Mama Tales said...

I can see why your Mother was so excited about seeing Jack. What an adorable baby. I'll be thinking of you the next couple of weeks!!!

Josie said...

He is BEAUTIFUL and so darn squishy!

Tamara said...

Congrats on the birth of your precious daughter. We are so excited for you and want you to know that we have been praying for you for months and continue those earnest prayers. We are so happy that your parents are there enjoying both babies. . . . . Yes, we better be careful for what we pray, because those prayers are answered--many times in very unusual ways. Hugs from WA! Richard and Tamara Hogsett

The Davis Fam said...

Ok Perrins. I have been reading your blog for a half hour. What a journey! Wow. I can't imagine really. Two babies - what a miracle. I am so happy for you. What an amazing story. I will come back soon, I can't wait to see pictures of baby girl! Good luck!!!!

The Mounts said...

Congrats Heather!!! I am so happy for you, I just know that you are the best mother ever! I really am so happy for you and your beautiful family. Love, Emily (Roberts)